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    It is the Mission of the Children's Collaborative to come along side children of all ages, along with parents and educators to enhance, improve and empower them in all areas of education and family life.

    Relationship: Children's Collaborative consists of Basic Trust Child Care Incorporated. The Collaborative operates independently and contracts for services to the Campbell County School Board. Any Questions or concerns shall be addressed to Collaborative Management at 859-653-2520. 

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    Located within the Campbell County High school for student parents and teacher staff. The *Pinnacle Curriculum guides our staff, student parents and student aides through developmentally appropriate practice with our programs smallest treasures. Open on the school calendar from 6:30 4pm. Call today for more information and prices.

    6699 Alexandria Pike Alexandria, KY 41001
    [email protected]
    or (859) 635-3829 (Basic Trust)

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